What keeps me ‘busy’ when I’m not busy

  1. Gimlet Media … I was first introduced to Gimlet Media through one of their first podcasts, Reply All. After devouring every episode I familiarized myself with more of their catalog only to discover Start Up, a podcast documenting how Gimlet Media was founded and their path to getting funded.
  2. Moth Radio Hour … “Moth stories are true, as remembered by the storyteller and always told live.” (I’ll also add – best listened to on the radio while driving.)
  3. Vinyl (records, not the HBO show) … Collecting and listening to vinyl is a recent obsession. My brother bought me a record player for my birthday and watching my collection grow brings me more joy than I ever expected.
  4. This American Life … Classic.
  5. Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me! … Quite possibly the funniest way to stay up to date on current affairs.
  6. Song Exploder … This award winning podcast is a real treat for music fans who like to ‘see how the sausage is made’. Hrishikesh Hirway dives deep with song writers to give fans a detailed look at how and why one particular song was made.
  7. Mystery Science Theater 3000 … As a kid the front row silhouettes of Crow, Tom Servo and Joel lured me in as they mocked B Movies with hundreds of jokes that all went far over my head. I get a handful of them as an adult and still get a kick out of the robot pals and new host, Mike Nelson.
  8. Tiny Houses … The Tiny House lifestyle most likely isn’t for me, but the efficiency and ingenuity people exhibit is miraculous. I spent a little time learning the basics in a design program and designed one of my own! Maybe one day …  tiny
  9. Getting on the radio … My 15 minutes of fame on WBEZ Curious City!