ChiDM: making global connections via Chicago

Chicago Design Museum leverages creative and strategic partnerships across the world to expand their reach beyond the 3rd floor of 108 N State Street. This Instagram post caught my attention and sent me down a rabbit-hole exploring their past exhibits, in Chicago and abroad.


#GreatIdeasExhibit #HongKong #Chicago

I was impressed with the membership component on their website too. It struck me as a very practical way of engaging people who couldn’t otherwise interact with ChiDM due to proximity, but one day could as they create more partnerships internationally.

To make the relationship tangible, they seduce you with a physical item – a Membership Coin (limited edition to boot!) Then they raise the anti with workshops and private tours, before finally making their move to seal the deal – password protected exclusive content. #letmein


The cursor slowly blinking in the empty field taunts you as your imagination runs wild wondering what’s beyond that blank off-white wall.

Ugh. I think it’s time I became a member. Check back for updates.